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Aircraft Lifting
Fast, precise, reliable
Lifting Bags | Vacuum Ejector | Recovery Compressor | Contour Elements | Lifting Slings | Tethering Equipment
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Aircraft Movement
Quick and secure
AETS Debogging Kits | Recovery Dollies | Recovery Trailers
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Soft Ground Reinforcement
Ready for any situation
Trakmat | EasyTrak | Element K110
Aircraft Recovery School
Experience meets training
Theoretical Training | Practical Training

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Aircraft Lifting

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Equipment for

Aircraft Movement

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Equipment for

Soft Ground Reinforcement




KUNZ aircraft equipment provides a wide range of aircraft recovery equipment, such as Recovery Lifting Slings and Recovery Lifting Bags for aircraft lifting, Recovery Trailer and Recovery Dollies for aircraft movement in ‘damaged wheel’ or ‘collapsed landing gear’’scenarios, as well as de-bogging kits and soft ground reinforcement mats.

The design of KUNZ aircraft recovery equipment meets international standards and recommendations, e.g. from Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Sukhoi, ICAO.

Kunz offers professional aircraft recovery training at customer’s site or in the KUNZ Training Center for Aircraft Recovery next to KUNZ headquarters in Hahn am See, Germany. The training is executed by professional aircraft recovery trainers with many years of experience.