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Are you tired of inconvenient and old-fashioned ways to disassemble and assemble aircraft brakes? We @KUNZ have the answer:

The KUNZ BBS – Brake Build-Up Stand is intended for the assembly and disassembly of one sided and double sided screwed brakes. Offering most convenient working height and low space requirements, the BBS is your ideal solution for efficient brake assembly.

A double acting cylinder controls clamping and releasing of the brake, and complementary KUNZ Brake Adapter Rings for double sided screwed brakes as well as our adapter for one-sided screwed brakes are available for every individual brake type.

Especially, looking at new generation brakes with high torque values our BBS in combination with our KUNZ UTT-Universal Torque Tool for Brakes is the right solution for you – Fixing any brake correctly to achieve the correct torque values.

If there are any desired items you would like to receive information on, please do not hesitate to contact us under:

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