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KUNZ News April 2020 - KUNZ Calibration Test Stand

Airbus and Boeing recommend that all loads imposed on the aircraft during an aircraft recovery operation must be recorded!

Over time measuring equipment tends to record unprecise data due to usage, aging, mechanical wear and improper storage. An annual calibration helps you to keep track of your recovery operation by means of well-maintained load cells.

KUNZ GmbH aircraft equipment is committed to provide best service and customer support which is why we are now able to provide calibration services for KUNZ loadcells up to 200 ton capacity, in use with our Lifting Slings, Debogging Equipment, Recovery Dollies and Tethering Equipment.

Stay up to date to ensure a safe and reliable recovery operation!

As always, our dedicated sales team at is happy to answer any questions that might come up!

If you would like to receive more information regarding the KUNZ Calibration Test Stand, please do not hesitate to contact us under:

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