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KUNZ NEWS MAY 2018 – UTS NGtronic®

Dear most valued and future customers,
Today we would like to introduce you to our newest development:The KUNZ UTS NGtronic® – Universal Torqueing System Next Generation. The KUNZ UTS NGtronic® features fully automated setting of individual

spindle distance and torque values.Every individual wheel data and operator ID can be added to the software which can later be retrieved by using the included RFiD cards. A barcode solution is available on request


Highest convenience by means of 12″ touch display:

Data is shown directly on the 12″ touch display located on the torqueing machine: OK/NOK evalutation, P/N of the wheel, name of the program, pre-and final torque value, number of bolts and socket size. An additional sensor system shows which bolts need to be torqued next based on the bolt setting sequence stated in the CMM. It also shows the spindle positioning.

New programs can be installed at any time and with an available internet connection, it is also possible to perform remote maintenance if necessary.

If there are any desired items you would like to receive information on, please do not hesitate to contact us under:

With regards from Germany
and all the best,

Your Team from KUNZ