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KUNZ on LinkedIn: BTS NGtronic®

Next Generation of Brake Test Stands

In the past years, brake assembly testing has gotten more and more complex, at times even challenging physical limits. The KUNZ BTS NGtronic® is your one stop solution for convenient yet precise brake assembly testing.
With an accuracy of 0.125% full scale and a system pressure tolerance of max. 2%, the KUNZ BTS NGtronic® is the most precise machine available on the market.
For the highest level of convenience and human error prevention, KUNZ also offers the KUNZ BTS NGtronic® AUTO – Automated Brake Test Stand which is able to perform the full testing cycle in accordance with the CMM fully automated.

In use with OEM’s such as Collins Aerospace and , the KUNZ BTS NGtronic® is known to meet the requirements of the industry.
Different versions of the BTS NGtronic® are available to meet different shop layouts.

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