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Looking for a solution to improve the efficiency of your workshop? We have the answer!

The KUNZ UAS – Universal Assembly and Disassembly Stand, designed especially for efficient one man disassembly and assembly process is your one-stop solution for higher efficiency whilst saving money at the same time.

Featuring ergonomic work height adjustment by means of fingertip push buttons, the UAS has proven to be the most favoured equipment for wheel assembly and disassembly amongst airlines, OEM, military and MRO worldwide.

By adding the KUNZ Overhead Beam solution, you will achieve a space-efficient workstation which eliminates the need of a stand-alone crane system. KUNZ torqueing devices, such as the KUNZ UTS NGtronic® and the KUNZ UTS are easy to attach and allow you to move freely during torque operation.

Wheel model specific KUNZ Wheel Adapter Rings are machined computer controlled with an accuracy of 0.01mm, making them the most accurate on the market.

Not convinced yet? Check out our Youtube-Channel for a video of the KUNZ UAS in operation:

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